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My passion is excellence in communications, client support, and wellbeing.
I give you time to focus on your passion and grow your business. 



I’m Karen sprey

I’m a virtual assistant specialising in copywriting, content and client support with more than twenty years experience across the corporate, not-for-profit, small business, private enterprise and government sectors. 

My passion is health and wellbeing; I love working with practitioners, crafting tailored messages, stories and communications to help you better support and retain your existing clients and attract new business to grow your practice. I also design initiatives and programs to support wellbeing in workplaces and the community.

Whether you’re a solo practitioner, a small team or a large practice I work with you to create copy and content that’s engaging, meaningful drives action. Or if you enjoy the creative process, I’ll take content that you’ve developed and keep your website and social media profiles up-to-date.

If you’re not in the health space I can still help!  I have experience in many different sectors and my partner is a tradie. I’m confident of getting a great outcome for you no matter what your passion is, or what industry you work in. Get in touch, I’d love to explore working together.

I live on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Victoria but as a virtual assistant I work with you wherever you are. 

In my spare time I love taking advantage of our stunning coastal walks, visiting our wineries and eating good food as well as yoga, dabbling in painting, reading and travelling. 

I'm Karen Sprey. Vital VA Services provides excellence in communications, client support, and wellbeing. I give you time to focus on what's important and grow your business.

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